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November - Remember?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

It’s November and one of my most favorite months in the year. Because, it’s the only month of the year that we set aside a special day to show gratitude and give thanks for the blessings and mercies we receive throughout the year. It’s also the month that everything really changes as far as the weather and the outdoor scenery is concerned. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy the vast array of brilliant colors like reds, greens, golds, rich browns, and black as I watch them carpet the earth around me while shedding from the trees and bushes. It also makes the walks in the woods to observe and take in the change so much more fulfilling.

In my opinion, November officially kicks off the Black Friday Holiday shopping season! And, we prove loyal to participating in the hustle and bustle of early Christmas shopping, preparing for the big family Thanksgiving dinner; watching all the “bowl” games and parades. It’s also the time where we put extra emphasis on making more outward gestures to give thanks and show gratitude for the people that have shown us love whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, teachers, students, business acquaintances, employers, great neighbors, doctors, nurses, medical staff, repairmen, sales clerks, financial advisers, lawyers, in-laws, clergy, and on and on and on! We give thanks for everything and everybody at Thanksgiving!

These are all the reasons why I love Thanksgiving. But, there is another reason I enjoy giving thanks and do so every single day! Someone once challenged me (or maybe recommended) to count my blessings every day. At first, I thought "that’s easy, I’ll just keep saying thank you for all that you have done for me when I’m offering my daily prayers to God." But then, I started giving it more thought and started feeling like I should be more exact when thanking my Lord for my abundance of blessings. So, I started breaking down my thankyou’s to be more specific. I started with my husband Mike and calling out to God all the multitude of blessings he brought into our marriage and our family as I praised through my recount of those gazillion blessings. There are so many just from Mike, I don’t know when I’ll get around to my thankyou’s for my 4 boys and their families; my siblings and their families, my cousins, my friends, my acquaintances, my jobs, my travels, or my spiritual experiences that validated “God Is”! What I know now is that I have been so super abundantly blessed, that I can’t even, if ever, count them and will need to spend the rest of my earthly life counting my blessings!

That’s a good thing, right? Plus, it’ll keep me focused on the goodness of God and keep me grounded in deep appreciation for all that He has done for little ole’ me! So, I'll continue to remember to give thanks each day for the rest of my days. Have you tried to count all of your blessings? If so, can you share your experience and if you have managed to cover them all in your lifetime so far? We would love to hear from you and you are welcomed to participate in this nonjudgmental community space for healing. Happy Thanksgiving!


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