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August - new beginnings!

I'm reflecting on this month of August as it closes out and we move to September in 3 days! What I'm noticing is a new excitement in the air. I've been shopping at the malls and outlets and noticing the hustle and bustle of parents buying back-to-school clothing, shoes and supplies. Most times I've observed the kids in tow and busy convincing mom or dad to loosen the purse strings and buy those overpriced tennis shoes and ripped up jeans that double as school "uniforms." The first day of school is an exciting day indeed. Many kids are showing up with brand new clothing from underwear to outerwear from head to toe. Fresh haircuts, new backpacks, and new friends to meet.

That got me thinking about the term "new beginnings." I reminisce about those days and how it made me feel to have a chance to start something new that I never did before. Starting school in a higher grade than last year. Feeling more grown up because I had turned a year older. Wearing a new hairstyle that complemented my changing face and wearing new clothes that better fit my changing body shape and height!

As I looked around at the parents and kids interacting, laughing and talking together, it brought to light my own experiences of new beginnings. I'm venturing out to promote my children's picture book and find someone who will sponsor my efforts to create accessorized merchandise to complement the book series. I'm also letting my hair grow longer to try different styles that may complement my changing face and as you may expect, I'm shopping for new clothes that better fit my changing body shape!

I must admit that noticing my own new beginnings is giving me a sense of optimism and encouragement to continue walking forward in my new normal. Although I still do find myself regularly going to that sad place of loneliness for Mike, I am realizing that I'm having more time each day to feel happy and good about all the new things I'm doing and experiencing. That's not a bad thing to do either! Someone told me that August has a birthstone that has been said to symbolize strength and healing. Add new beginnings to the equation and that would make August a pretty great month! Would you agree?


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