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February! What is it good for?

Well, 2024 is marching right along with memories of January and February fading fast in some cases.  I’m reflecting on February and asking myself what was the most celebrated memory in that month and what were the most important ones for me.  For example, every February in every year since the 11th century we celebrate Ash Wednesday to mark the beginning of the Lent period that ends on Easter Sunday.   Another famous February event is a favorite amongst many (since 1840) who like to celebrate love ~ you guessed it, Valentines Day!

And there’s another one “Presidents Day” which is George Washington’s birthday and typically celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February each year.  And lastly (at least for me) is the annual celebration of Black History Month. In 1976 it started as a week-long event, then US president Gerald Ford extended the recognition to “honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”  

But, the most important memories that I celebrate each February are the birthdays of my Father, Sister and grandson.  I also got married in the month of February.  So, reflecting on February typically brings to mind mostly good and happy memories for me.  Although some of those times I remember with somewhat mixed feelings because they would have been times where I celebrated them with my late husband Mike.  And, just thinking about those times does still make me sad because I’m missing him so much.  Even though this April it will mark 5 years since he made his transition, I still have those same strong feelings of loneliness without him here beside me. 

I am getting better and I’m able to smile a lot more than before whenever I thought of him at any time or on any occasion.  I know that Mike is living his best life in Heaven with the Lord and I am truly happy about that.  I’m sure if you have lost a loved one that you were still in love with when they passed you can understand and relate to what I’m saying.  In fact, I would like to invite you to comment on this blog, a safe community space for healing, and share with us how you may have found some ways to cope with your grieving and your journey to healing.  You never know how your story can help someone else who may be struggling with finding their new normal and trying to move forward with all the love and memories forever etched into their heart. 

Thank you so much for your support of my blog. I hope to hear from you on this topic soon.  God Bless YOU!!!!!


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