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May - "Celebrate good times, come on!"

I've learned over my life as a young child that the month of May was all about Celebrating! Celebrating something or someone we were suppose to remember. Just to name a few month of May celebrations; Memorial Day - celebrating, remembering, and honoring those who died in the military while serving their country. National BBQ Day - celebrating and reminding people of all the delicious food that Americans have access to. Mother's Day - celebrating, remembering, and honoring our Mom's and Grandma's past and present. Women's Day - celebrating, remembering, and honoring all Women who are the epitome of courage, hope and life. National Military Appreciation Month - celebrating, remembering, and honoring the service and sacrifice of service members and their families. Mental Health Awareness Month - celebrating to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health issues, as well as highlighting the various ways how mental illness and addiction can affect all of us – patients, providers, families, and our society at large.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding reasons (any one at all) to celebrate something or someone!

Some of these are so very engrained into my culture that it's almost like waiting for Christmas and being excited about celebrating the day with family, friends and all the new toys I think I'm gonna get! Now, I'm all about celebrating these great holidays and opportunities to show appreciation for those who touch our lives in some very meaningful way. But, there is no reason not to celebrate every single day!

As I reflect on each of the above mentioned celebratory events in May, I can't help but think about a bible scripture that reminds us how God can pour us out a blessing, so much that we won't know what to do with it! That makes me so thankful that the month of May (and all the other months of the year) provides us with daily opportunities to show our appreciation and demonstrate our love for others in some meaningful way! I'll miss the month of May, but certainly not the firecrackers!

If you have some special memory of the month of May or the celebrations having the most impact on you, would you share them in this non judgmental community space for healing? Remember the old adage "It takes a village?" We are here waiting and wanting to hear from you!


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