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There are only two significant days that I choose to “celebrate” in the month of May. There are many other days in the month of May that are celebrated possibly around the world.  Cinco De Mayo,  May Day, Teachers Day, National Nurses Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Bird Day, Laughter Day, Star Wars Day, Brothers and Sisters Day and on and on.

I choose to celebrate Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  Mother’s Day has held meaning for me since I was a small girl.  I remember making a small potted plant in school to take to my mom to honor her on Mother’s Day.  I remember going out to dinner as a family to give her a day off from cooking for a family of 5 hungry kids and a husband.  I remember drawing a card in school with my hand print on it so she would always remember it was from me for Mother’s Day.  All of these traditions carried forward when I became a mom and I was on the receiving end of these thoughtful gestures while still honoring my mom on that special day. 

Memorial Day has also carried forward from my childhood when we would visit the graves of my parents’ parents, then gather for picnics in the park with my parents’ siblings and their families whose kids were my cousins.  I remember the family conversations buzzing around the events as we would talk about times gone by when those family members were with us and all the fun we shared together.  The softball games, horse shoes, sack races, face painting, hula hooping, fishing, card games, dominoes, BBQ, homemade ice cream and lemonade, music, dancing, and lots and lots of laughter.  This tradition has carried on my adult years but it’s different now.

The big difference in these only two May celebrations for me is that Mike’s no long a part of it.  He was the BBQ King and would challenge his in laws on who could smoke the best ribs.  He held that title until he passed.  Mike was so loved by my family.  My mom birthed 2 sons who became son #1 and son #2, then my sister Jeans husband came along and captured our hearts and my mom renamed him son #3.  When Mike came along in hardly no time, my mom renamed him son #4.  My mom didn’t have any more sons after Mike.  When someone you love and your family loves so deeply, you can’t help but notice their absence and the void in the family once they are gone.

I miss Mike like crazy and every May when I celebrate these 2 events, it’s not the same…sort of ho hum!  I still get flowers and cards and dinners and gifts which I truly, truly appreciate.  But the day doesn’t go by without me having that little conversation with Mike to say thank you for the gift of love that is carrying me through all these times without you.  That’s one thing about true love, it’s endearing and everlasting!  It’s the real reason I can put one foot in front of the other and “keep it moving.”  So, I’m ending the month of May by celebrating a love that gives me purpose, and will to look forward with optimism and hope.   

Have you found a way to move forward with optimism and hope? If so, can you share it here in the safe, secure, nonjudgmental community space for healing?

God's blessings, favor, and love!! grace


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