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Step by step, inch by inch!

In the quiet hours of the night when I cannot sleep, I talk to God. It's an amazing experience to feel his presence and his interaction with my thoughts. As I lay quietly speaking to HIM and pouring out my feelings, asking for HIS help to be more brave and strong, less sad and lonely, HE has this gentle way of redirecting my thoughts away from "me" and allowing me to focus on all the good and beautiful experiences I shared with Mike and on the blessing HE gave me by placing Mike in my life. Even between the tears and sad feelings that some of those good and beautiful memories bring out of me, I still manage to smile and feel immense gratitude that I (little ole me) was my husbands choice of the one and only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That is a blessing that God meant for me and Mike alone and I will always treasure it.


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Karen Drake
Sep 14, 2020

"little ole me", that was cute.

The truth is you are so brave, powerful, dynamic, loving, giving, dynamic and beautiful (inside and out). Everyone that knows you would tell you the same. Mike was a very smart man and knew quality when he saw it. Two brilliant minds came together. I get joy in knowing that late at night, our father is speaking to you in a way that you can hear and it brings you peace.

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