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Is Happy New Year a Good Thing?

One more day until I move forward into a new year. It's filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I'm happy to leave the Covid Delta Variant behind, On the other hand, I'm sorry to see the Covid Omicron Variant accompany me (all of us) into 2022. Walking into the New Year is somewhat easier for me this time. Why? I've taken steps to get the help I needed to find my place in my life and I feel like I'm gradually healing from the hurt and pain of losing my best friend and most wonderful man I could ever had hoped to share my life with. I'm actually finding myself laughing at the memories just as much as crying about them - but that's a good thing, because it comforts me to know that maybe one day I will reach that place in my heart and mind that the memories only make me laugh and smile and feel happy about them. In 2022 I also gained some new friendships and strengthened some old relationships! That's a good thing too, right?

I will admit that if I had it my way, this new year would be a perfect one, because I'd have Mike by my side making new celebrations and memories. In fact, I would prefer that it be that way. But, it won't. What I do have going into the new year, is a treasure chest overflowing with some of the most precious reminders, memories, and recall of a time in my life where I can honestly reflect on being at my happiest, most content, totally fulfilled self. That's a good thing! I'm not going to make a New Year resolution, but I will resolve myself to the idea or the chance to submit to a new beginning, a new normal, a new commitment, and a new opportunity-filled life in 2022. I will also take along those feelings deep within my inner soul that keep me motivated to keep on living the life Mike planned for me and the Lord prepared.

Just like you, I don't know what my future holds, but I will vow from this day forward to live everyday striving to reach my highest level of good, and as if that day is the last day of my life. I think I'll be okay and that's a good thing!


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