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Just one of those days!!!!!

There is so much going on this year and it's been challenging to juggle the unbelievable events that all promote different anxieties unique unto them. This year began with the COVID-19 virus and all the complexities it's added to our day to day routines and cares. Added to that is the impact of having to isolate from our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. We've cut back on our social interactions and activities, relinquished our visits to online Skype, Zoom, Duo, and What's app. And though it's nice to see a friendly face in these forums, there's nothing like the up close and personal reassurances we get from that in-person experience. I grew tired of attending church on line so I ventured back to the inhouse workship services after my pastor showed a virtual tour of the church that is now arranged according to the CDC guidelines.

However, the weather is now changing and there is more precipation and cold temps to deal with. As well, I'm thinking the folks that were content to attend the drive-in sessions on Sunday, may rethink it as the weather grows colder and that may increase the number of folks coming inside for worship. So, I'm finding myself gravitating back to the virtual attendance routine. The other huge impact that is wearing on me is this election cycle. I must admit, I never ever ever dreamed our country would get to this level of discontent, divisiveness, impoliteness, and indifference towards one another. These are not small concerns for me becuase they all weigh heavy on my spirit and in my heart. On top of all of that, I'm missing my husbands company, easiness, and love. I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in the atmosphere, and depressed about what's going on inside of me.

As I write this blog message, I'm looking out at the leaves falling from the trees and sensing the cool crispness in the air. Fall has always been my favorite season. It's a season of change and there should be excitement in knowing what season is being ushered in to replace it. As well, the foilage has just modeled it's most beautiful color pallette that is accentuated by the rainfall that seems to add the patent leather glow to each branch and leaf so that it shines more brillantly than ever just before it drops to the ground and finds it's final resting spot. But, this time, for me, there wasn't the usual joy and enthuisiasm for walking in the woods or savoring the natural beauty around me as I drive from place to place. Instead, every day is becoming just one of those days.


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