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Marching On - Forward!!!

Well here it is May 31st and I'm just now writing this blog article for March! Why am I so late? I've been super busy promoting my Children's Picture Book series - God's Perfect Gift, Disability through the eyes of a child - "Winning the Race!" So many good things happened to me in March. My birthday falls in the month of fan fare cause I'm getting too old to be reminded of how old I am now! So, I just acknowledged the beautiful cards, gifts, dinners and well wishes and kept it moving.

I also finished writing my 2nd children's book in the series subtitled "Special Education is Especially Fun!" March is a big month in my family for birthdays, so that automatically filled a big part of the month with celebrations and social activities. There good thing is this, there was so much going on in March that I found myself being more present in the moment and not so much in the past. I realize now that I really marched through March quickly and as I look back I see myself as happily moving forward in my life. I think that's a good thing.

Reflecting back on March, I also noticed I'm achieving my end goal (moving forward with my life) month by month, one step at a time, one decision at a time, one action at a time, one social interaction at a time, one crying spell at a time....but ultimately I am moving forward which is a good thing to do as I establish my "new normal". From what I'm seeing, I'm moving in the right direction and living my best life every single day!

Can you share any of your experiences trying to move forward after losing the person you loved more than anyone or anything? We would love to hear from you in this safe non judgmental community space for healing.


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