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No leap in February!

2023 is not a leap year, so February ends on the 28th day of the month. The month has 28 days in any calendar year with 365 days and has 29 days in a leap year when the calendar year has 366 days. February is the first of five months not to have 31 days (the other four being April, June, September, and November) and the only one to have fewer than 30 days.

You may be saying to yourself "so what! what do I care about leap year or no leap year!" Well, I guess if you weren't born on February 29th you probably wouldn't care, right? But for those who are, every 4 years is a leap year and it gives them the opportunity to celebrate on that day only once every 4 years! l had a friend who was born on the 29th and I asked her how she felt about having to celebrate on a day that wasn't her actual birth day. She wasn't bothered by it at all. I've read about others who were in the same boat and they saw February as a month where they were finally free of all the holiday celebration that had carried on ad nauseam for the previous 3 months (Thanksgiving, Christmas , New Years) and able to settle into a more normal routine.

When I thought about my friends reaction to not having her birth date on the calendar in February, I felt inspired by it. Here was something very important in her life that she could only enjoy on that day once every 4 years. Yet, her attitude was "no big deal, I'll do it the day before or the day after. I have more options that way" I took note of that, because I find myself sometimes getting uptight when things don't flow in synch with my self-imposed time lines and due dates. I admire my friend for being so mellow about something that most of us may consider so important and necessary.

I'm slowly learning from my friends and family how to be more mellow and take life in stride. Getting all stressed out and hyperventilating over things outside of my control only add to my mental and emotional strain and pain. It's my hope and prayer that I'm blessed with longevity and good health through the end of my time. So, I'm gonna remind myself to not be concerned over things I have no control over. Afterall, that's what prayer is for. I'm gonna do myself a favor and when those type of circumstances confront me, I'm gonna let go and let God!

Have you adopted any helpful coping tactics to keep yourself calm and collected when faced with disappointment or when you're caught off guard unexpectedly? We would love to hear from you. Remember, this is a safe, nonjudgmental community space for healing. We can all benefit from you sharing in this blog forum. Thanks a million!!!!


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