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Who put Time on speed dial?

Maybe it's just me, but lately I'm noticing time flying by all too quickly. I've read about the belief that there will be a speeding up of time when the world is near it's end....hmmm. I've noticed that I marked the beginning of a new year on January 1st, but found myself perplexed as to how I landed in March so fast. I've noticed that Friday comes all too quickly now....It's Sunday then we skip to Wednesday then roll into Friday and back to Sunday in what seems like only a couple of days! Is it just me, or is time really speeding up? I've also noticed how everything seems to be happening at a faster pace. Like today and every other day. Have you rolled out of bed at 8am and before you know it the clock reads 11:30? Then before you know it, it's 3 o'clock then 7:45 pm then ooops it's 11 pm and you should have been in bed an hour ago and you still forgot to take out the trash!

I must admit I'm a little uncomfortable with this whole idea of time speeding up. You see when I was younger, time moved at a snails pace. I'd start school in the morning and watch the clock in each classroom crawl in excrutiating pain to the next minute and the next minute until the bell rang to change classrooms 45 minutes (too long) later! Or, how about being on that job that you really didn't want, and watching the hands of the clock move at the speed of a sloth until it reached that magical 5pm hour which by that time seemed like you just pulled a 12 hour shift!

What's my point? I think I'm starting to be less concerned with time, because I'm finding so many other things to fill my time. Remember I shared with you how I'm writing a series of children's picture books? And, I'm working as an activist supporting an initiative to mandate a lower nurse/nurse aide-to-patient staffing ratio in nursing and rehab facilities across the state? Plus, I'm still actively connected to my faith-based community while also nurturing my disabled young granddaughter?

I'm sure you get the drift of why I'm proclaiming to be less concerned with time now, right? I learned in my grief therapy class that one way to help heal oneself is to step outside of your own self and start giving your time to volunteering or being more social and reconnected to the life you were living before you began your grief journey. Now, does that mean everyday is going to speed by and you won't have as much time to dwell on your sorrow and grief? NO! You'll always carry some part of that with you in your heart, but at least you will begin to benefit from the feeling you get when you see a smile on someone's face as a result of some kind act you did or word you spoke. I've decided I'm going to make the most of the time I have every day to do something good for someone else. I'm not looking for recognition or praise. Only for the feeling of inner peace and calm that comes from helping another person live their best life.

Are you able to set aside your thoughts and feelings if only for a little while to help someone else feel more comfortable, at ease, happy, content, or loved? Let me know if you've tried it and how it made you feel afterwards. I think I already know what you're gonna say!


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