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I started this blog out of my own desperate need to talk about my feelings after the death of my husband. I've had many well-intentioned and sincere friends and family suggest I seek professional grief counseling. I have not done that because I feel that  unless that counselor experienced the same grief journey I had, there really was no way their textbook training could license them to walk in my shoes. I didn't want the sterile, clinical diagnosis and treatment. I only wanted to talk openly and honestly about my feelings with others who have experienced those same feelings and are finding comfort in sharing them along with any coping behaviors they developed to deal with it while moving forward into their "new normal" way of living. Remember the old expression "it takes a village" I believe it's apropros to the purpose of this blog. 


I have so many questions about why death took away my husband and left me with the deepest sorrow imaginable. This was a man I had a very very deep affection for and an impenetrable bond with after 40 years of marriage. At first, I was in a state of denial. How could this happen to us? My perfect marriage, my soul mate, my very best friend, the love of my life just like that is gone! Now, I'm struggling to find my new normal while balancing the plethora of emotions and the impact his passing has on the physical, mental, spiritual, social and even cultural dimensions of my life. I am told that grief is good because it helps you heal to let it out; or it is a sign that the person you are grieving must have really been a beautiful soul because if not, you wouldn't be so sad. But, I still question what's so good about grief?  Why must I be the one who has to grieve? How do I go forward building my "new normal" when I barely feel like putting one foot in front of the other some days. 


Maybe you have lost someone that you love and like me, you are consumed with sorrow or struggling with how to go on without them.  I'd like to share this forum with you as a safe, nonjudgemental place to share your experience with personal grief and how you may be finding ways to cope while rebuilding or resuming your "new normal" life. 

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